About Us

An investigative journalist and professor addicted to transmedia storytelling. An environmental activist and writer with more than 800 well-published book reviews to her credit. Equipment bought and skills built in order to save an archive of irreplaceable documents.

Those documents became The Poison Papers and are now online for everyone to read on multiple sites (Toxic Docs, the Poison Papers, and the Gemstone Files).

The people, the equipment and the expertise became Jericho Hill Publishing—a press with an editorial policy based on a love of good writing, the belief that writers should have the opportunity to tell their stories, and the conviction that the books we publish need to be read.

Some of our titles are reprints of books we loved the first time around. Over time, the list will grow to include new books and new voices we love now—for their skill, their imagination, their courage.

Commercial publishers bet on monetary return. We publish for karma…and for joy.

Why the Name “Jericho Hill”?

We are often asked why our publishing company is called “Jericho Hill”. The answer is simple — the firm was founded in a small office located on the slopes of Jericho Hill in the village of Alfred, New York. Although we are a New York publisher, we are in a part of New York that few people know. Instead of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, we look out over the hills and valleys of rural western New York.

These pictures were taken on the top of Jericho Hill, a half-mile walk from our office. On a fine fall day, lunch on the top of Jericho is glorious. Sitting on a log, feeling the sun and the wind, and hearing nothing but the birds can do wonders for the mind and the spirit.

Puffy white clouds float in a blue sky, above pastures and woods on the top of Jericho Hill.

Pair of old logs, on laying on the ground, the other standing upright, are in the foreground. In the background is Jericho Hill, with green pastures and trees in the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall foliage in the background. Puffy white clouds fill the blue sky.

The hills and valleys of western New York as seen from the top of Jericho Hill, Alfred, New York. (Photos by Peter von Stackelberg)